Friday, 2 September 2016

There's Something Wrong With The Human Race 

Hi,people. There's something seriously, maddeningly wrong with the human race, I don't know what, but if I was an alien who was judging if the human race was worthy of meeting us, I would judge it t unworthy. I would also add that these beings should not get their hands on our superior technologies, because the last thing what we would need is a planet full of evolved apes running about with lasers guns. 

Okay here's why I think there's something wrong with us. Firstly we misuse EVERYTHING. Nature, the Internet, our own bodies , you name it. We're the main cause of pollution of our own planet and the majority of us doesn't give two fucks about it, and we're  probably going to die because of that. Want another example of how we misuse stuff? Time. We misuse time. Most of us lie about staring at screens (OH THE IRONY, you're reading this on a screen) and not doing anything useful for our society. Well I can't really preach about this because I also fall into this category but,whatever.

Secondly, we have a problem with how we name things. That might sound like a minor problem to you but infact, the names of some things are just downright frustrating (and that's only in English, not counting the rest of our languages.). For example, Titin. Titin is a chemical which makes our muscles elastic. But its scientific name has 189,819 letters. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? That many letters just for chemical which makes our muscles less rubbery? And anyone ever heard of the Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko? Or the Mountain Chicken? Well those are actual names for actual animals present on earth, go do a Google search on them.

Thirdly, humans are always at war with each other. In the 3000 years of our recorded history, there has only been a total of 200 years of world peace while the rest 2800 years we were at war, with each other. War has always been caused either because of religion or because of power. Humans, are pretty narrow minded to kill other humans just because of these two abstract things, it's just sad. Then of course, I can't end this paragraph without mentioning World War 1 and 2. Both of these world wars happens because European countries hungered for power, and they decided to aquire that by, of course, war.

Fourthly (not done yet) we have created weapons of mass destruction which even if accidentally detonated the human race will go extinct. We litterally have weapons which could destroy cities, hidden near cities. If don't become extinct because of a natural cause, we'll sure as hell die because of a series of nuclear detonations and because of its fallout.

And lastly we'll die because of our own stupidity. The human race is becoming stupider slowly, but surely. There's no statistical proof of this (may be there is but I haven't looked hard enough) but we're becoming stupider. And this can be proven by the Internet. You don't need to look hard in the Internet to find stupid people. But you need to look really, really hard if you want something that will raise your IQ a bit. There are litterally websites on the Internet which will deliver human faeces to your friends and that is what I believe to be the epitome of stupidity.

Well that's about it. I should really work on ending my posts properly.

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