Saturday, 27 August 2016

My Bucket List 

   Hi, people. I have been inspired by quite a few people (mainly a bunch of my friends and Gingerbread Girl, she's a blogger,;check her blog out) to create a great bucket list which will sort of be like a time capsule to my older self. It'll give him something to cringe at when he will be bored. See, I'm thinking ahead so I don't have to bored in the future and I can entertain my self on the past. Here we go:

1. I want to taste Tiramisu (it's a really good Italian dessert.)

2.I want to drink a can of beer(I wanna see why adults like it so much.)

3.I want to see the stars on a night where our pollution doesn't block them out

4.I want to solve a serious mystery 

5.I want to have Coke and Mentos at once

6.I want to learn to shoot a basketball with an accuracy rate of 90% from 10m of the basket

7.I wanna fire a gun

8.After firing a gun,I wanna shoot a water melon, capture it in slo mo

9.Then I would like to eat the watermelon I shot

10.Start or work at a legitimate business and earn some dosh.

(Side note: I'm not gonna add obvious things like "Have sex" or "Kiss a girl" because they're pretty obvious as stated earlier.)

11.Read and enjoy some not-so-well-known author's book

12.Collaborate with other strangers on the Internet on a project

13. Get a pen pal

14. Write a book

15.Proceed to publish the book

16.Invest in stocks

17.Aquire a flamethrower

18.Throw cake at someone 

19. Get cake thrown at my self

20. Go to Greece

21.  I would also like to go to Coratia.

22. Get a degree in psychology, law and quantum mechanics at once

23.Get kicked in the nuts( DONT ASK ME. JUST DONT. I haven't been kicked in my softies yet and I'm curious.)

24.Punch someone annoyingly sarcastic in the face 

25. Actually use Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in a sentence in real life.

26. Watch anime for 24 hours straight

27. Join a band as the singer/pianist

28. Do something ridiculously dangerous

29. Survive a major natural catastrophe 

30. Break a bone. (I know it sounds like a painful thing to be on a bucket list, but I haven't broken a bone yet, and I want to experience it.)

31. Go paragliding 

32. Prove that the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is 42 (if you got that reference you have my permission to be my best friend)

33.Prove a teacher wrong in multiple occasions 

34. Make a homemade tazer 

35.Use the homemade taser

36.Successfully pick my own house's lock

37. Tell a random stranger that his car looks cool(no matter how shitty it may be)

38. Use a pan for playing table tennis.(DONT BOTHER ASKING ME)

39. Adopt a dog

40. Create my own video game

41. Make a viral video

42. And at last, enjoy life

That's all guys. You can talk to me about stuff at this address:

Sayonara for now.

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