Friday, 12 August 2016

A Guide To Procrastination 

Hi, people. Today's post is about procrastination. Now according to google procrastination is "the act of delaying or postponing something". I'll tell you its real definition. Actually, I'll do that a bit later , for now, here's a guide how to procrastinate properly and on the type of procrastinations. 

  The Art of Procrastination 


My  dear reader, the guide you're about to read may change your life for the worse. If it does, I'm not responsible.           


(This guide is of two parts.)
This part will go through on how to procrastinate. Let's begin.
The art of procrastination is not a simple one. It requires an idle mind, a simple body and lots and lots of courage, for after you start procrastination there is no stopping. 

First you must find something unproductive or mildly amusing to do. It may be playing video games, lying about in your bed or even simply reading other people's posts on how to procrastinate.

Second-Once you've found something utterly useless but fulfilling you must continue to do it.

Third- Keep on continuing the Second step until you remember something important to do.

Fourth- This is the most important step. Once you've remembered something important to do, don't do it. Simply do not do it. Tuck that important thing in the back of your mind and concentrate on the useless thing that you're doing. Proceed to reassure your self you will do that important thing "later".
Do not define "later". 

Fifth- Now when the importance of the important thing dawns on because of how important it is and you realise you only have a few moments to do that important thing, you do that important in the few moments you have.

Sixth- Good job! You have successfully procrastinated.


Here, I'll be talking about the types of procrastination. You see, there are several types of procrastinations that vary from person to person. Some prefer to procrastinate with video games(one of my favourites) and some prefer to procrastinate by thinking random shit at times when they are not supposed to be thinking random shit. People's personalities can also be judged by how they procrastinate. So, here we go.

The Types of Procrastinations 
(These aren't all of them, just the common ones.) 

1) Procrastination by Videogames- This is when you want to play Videogames even if you've won the lotto, postponing a lot of money just for another round of 1v1 in Halo. These sort of procrastinators are very introverted and sometimes even shy. They have a few friends but not many.(Note this does not apply to everyone. Just a majority of people I have observed.)

2)Procrastination by Internet- Same as procrastination by Videogames but you just browse the web or check your Instagram every other second. The people who procrastinate like this are usually extroverted, they prefer multi-tasking, talking to others while they're procrastinating using their phones.

3)Procrastination by Existensialism- Ah, my favourite way to procrastinate. You basically spend your 
time thinking about all of existence and other philosophical thoughts. You usually ponder over-pondered questions like "What is my purpose"? or "Why do I exist"?. You are introverted by quite smart, not in a herdy sort of way thought.

4) Procrastination by Sleep- You just go to sleep to avoid important but tiring or unpleasant things you need to do. This type of procrastination says nothing about your personality.

Well, those are all the COMMON types of procrastinations, there are more but they're too many so I won't list them all. This ends this guide.




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