Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Things Wrong With Fruit Juices    

I know. This seems like a weird topic to write about but, seriously, if you think deep about it you'll realise that there is something wrong with that healthy Guava Burst with extra electrolytes you've been drinking. And  I'm not talking about fruit juices in general, no, I'm talking about BRANDED fruit juices( I'm looking at you Tropicana).
So the first thing I notice after I drink a branded fruit juice, is the fact that it tastes ABSOLUTELY nothing like the fruit juice you get from making a normal juice at home. Look, suppose you make some apple juice at home by squeezing apples and collecting the juice, and then you taste it. Now after that you taste a branded apple juice and you mind will be completely blown at how different the branded apple juice tastes! In fact you might find that it even tastes worse than the homemade one. I know the taste differs because of all the preservatives they use in the branded juice, but for fucks sake at least get the taste right, fruit juice companies!
That's not it, yet. Have you ever taste Tropicana's Mango flavour? HAVE YOU? It's taste is outrageously wrong. It tastes nothing like mangoes, infact, its completely shit. It's as if someone got a thick mixture of mud and sugar and proceeded to add a bunch of preservatives in it!
And don't even get me started on what some brands are making juices out of. Never mind I got me started myself. Some brands like Vitro Naturals have started making and selling juices of bitter apples. If you don't know what a bitter apple is, its this:
 Yeah, companies are making juices out of this shit, and the worse part? PEOPLE ACTUALLY DRINK IT. Now if you haven't tasted a bitter apple yet, it tastes bitter. Agonizingly bitter. So bitter it will numb your tongue for the next few days. And people drink juices of this shit.

The last point that I would like to make is how much cheaper it would be if we would actually make our own juices(that came out wrong) and would stop buying shit from large brands. I did some research and found that it takes 2 apples to make 250 ml of juice which costs much less than buying 250 ml of juice from a brand.

<Exhales> That was a good rant. I feel good now.


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