Sunday, 21 August 2016

My Friend    

Hi, people. Today I'm going to talk about my friend. He isn't my best friend neither is he my only friend. He is just a friend. I'll just talk about his personality and what makes him so... unusual. Unusual as in his personality and his habits. His "unusualness" can be seen both as a bane and boon (Huh, boon is a very fun word to say aloud. I just discovered that.)
Oh and a side note- I'm not criticising my friend, I'm pointing out unusual qualities in him.

So, let's begin with his personality. He is a bit like Rowley Jefferson (from Diary of A Wimpy Kid, if you haven't read it, go do so, it's a great way to understand teens). This is how Rowley is portrayed :

Physically speaking my friend is the exact opposite of Rowley. Mentally speaking my friend is the exact of copy of him. He is naive, easily manipulated and incapable of making his own choices, always asking for advice for following others. He is also a complete idiot. Okay, that was a bit harsh. But anything that involves a higher use of logic, my friend messes it up completely. For example, chess. My friend can be beaten by a child of fourth grade at chess- no joke, he's been actually beaten by a fourth grader IN FRONT OF ME. So you say, "he sucks at chess, big deal" well how when he fails at simple tasks like folding his clothes or tying his laces? That's when you know there's a problem.

But the amazing thing is, my friend although being stupid, manages to complete the toughest of maths problems, within minutes. My reaction to that is "HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU BEATEN AT CHESS BY A FOURTH GRADER, BUT YOU SOLVE THAT HARD ASS PROBLEM IN 32 SECONDS?" and to that he says " I dunno". My friend is a literary genius. He also is an extreme introvert. He doesn't care about his social status at all. He himself has only has 2 to 3 friends. He is really materialistic as well, caring only about money and what he will buy with it. He doesn't think about the long term and only about the short term. And the weirdest thing of all is he doesn't show any interest in girls. He might be gay and I have nothing against it, but when I bring it up in a conversation he starts hitting me. He also gets bullied a lot and depends on me, always, to help him.

But on the other hand he is creative as fuck. I mean damn he gets new ideas every other second, though they might be stupid, but still it's impressive how many original things he can come up with. 
As mentioned before, he is great at maths and every other subject but for some reason his logical reasoning is below zero. He isn't afraid to embarrass himself in front of others because he doesn't really care what others think about him. Well that's all his nice qualities, anyways.

I'll let you judge what sort of friend he is. But is having a stupid yet true friend worth it?

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