Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My First Post

Look, I was trying to think up for a nice title for my first post but nothing original came to me (its because other adults have already gotten their hands on the original shit and this generation is left with rip offs of the originals). But back to my first post. This is my first post if you haven't guessed yet, and might I add, if you haven't actually already noticed this is my first post you're fucking stupid.  I am a teenager who has recently decided to upload his thoughts up to the Internet so random strangers can read them. I also have a case of procrastinating paired with existentialism, which in other words means that I usually tend to lie about thinking about why I exist and shit like that. I also try to be "original" but most original things are a)copyrighted or b) just fucking stupid. I don't want to be stupid. So that's a bit about me and as I said before, this is my first post. This looks a bit plain because I'm typing from an iPad and iPads never get things right.

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